Suggestions for training daughter to drive a stick!!

my suggestion, start out slow, when I started driving when I was 16 (am currently 22) my dad got me and my twin brother a 92 saturn SL2. only
problem is was a 5 speed. but I couldn't exactly complain about my dad buying me a car. I wasn't happy I learned to drive on my moms ford explorer (which was an auto) my father took me to a parking lot and told me to start the car witht eh clutch in, then foot off the break and then SLOWLY release the clutch, he showed me how you can get the car moving without even using the gas pedal. just slowly releasing the clutch to let it move the car, once ya reach speed let it out all the way and give some gas. now have them stop, and have them do the same thing, but with a little gas to get them moving quicker. 2 things to remind her all the time, when you stop, clutch goes in (I bet she will be learning to move the car before she realizes that when you stop ya gotta push in the clutch or it will stall (took me like 5 times or so to engrave it in my head) but take it form me, once I finally learned hwo to drive it (i'd say took about a week to get it down to be road worthy enough and about 2 weeks to pretty much master) now I'm so addicted to manual trannys, I can't get an auto (hey at least it saves me 1,000 bucks when I look for a new car, and also saves gas) good luck, like the other guy said make her laugh cause it will be VERY fustraiting for her the first few times.

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