2014 Hyundai Elantra sport w/ 6spd manual clutch replacement at 70k

I have a 2014 hyundai Elantra spt 6M
So I got my engine replaced under warranty about 6 months ago @65k miles, since
then problems have been happening, a loose seal leading to oil burning, strut
tower bolts left loose, and now at 70k miles, 5k after the engine replacement,
they are saying my clutch needs to be replaced at $1860.
It started the day I picked my car up from being serviced, and having the strut
tower bolts tightened, I immediately noticed that getting the car into and out
of gear was much more difficult. I drove the car for about a week before I was
able to take it back and as the week progressed the shifting got more difficult,
and it even started to grind.
I have been driving stick for 15+ years, and a majority of the miles on my car
were freeway miles. So I find it very difficult to believe I wore the clutch
out. I put 200k on my last clutch.
I've already called the Hyundai help line, and I have put a call into the
service manager of the dealership.
What else can/should I do?
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Hopefully you have a record of reporting the problem after the engine swap. From your description, it sounds like the dealer did a sloppy job. If you get no satisfaction, there i always arbitration or small claims court.
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Ed Pawlowski
Hard shifting indicates there's something wrong with the clutch release linkage. My recommendation is that you fix that instead.
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