Coolant leak due to low side Schrader valve 2013 Elantra GLS

Hi group,
Last year in May I got my coolant filled at dealer due to having leaked
out. They diagnosed it to be the low side schrader valve. The invoice
stated they tightened the valve and the leak stopped but this year I
have no A/C coolant. I'm having the hardest time finding the part number
of these valves as I'd like to replace both of them with OEM parts.
Anyone know what the part numbers are for both high and low end sides?
Autozone shows
formatting link
will work and they cost all of $6. At 71k, should I just got for these or stick to OEM?
Thanks for any tips.
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The dealer should have replaced the valve. It loosened for a reason and probably would again. If the Auto Zone valve fits is is probably the same quality as the OEM. May even be the same.
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Ed Pawlowski
Thanks for the reply Ed. I wish they did fix it but they apparently didn't. I'm sure it's a $1 part but you know, why really fix the problem part when they can charge $100 for a recharge and not fix the real issue hoping you'll just come back again? I doubt they really tightened it anyhow. I bought the $6 repair kit and I'll replace the part myself. It's probably the o-ring anyway and not a matter of how tightly it was installed. I have a local shop charging $54 for a recharge so it's not so big a deal if the repair part doesn't fix it.
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Just wanted to follow up on this. The shop that did the recharge did inspect and replace the Low Side Schrader valve and it's been good thus far. I'll certainly know for sure next year if the valve is really the culprit when I got to use A/C again.
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