Oxygen Sensors on 2000 Hyundai Sonata GLS-2.5L

I know where the upstream and the downstream are located, but are there more and where?? If so, do the others effect the Full Rich or Full Lean on the car. I?m getting a P1166 and P1167 code readings. Also would this be one of the Oxygen Sensors that located on the back side of the engine, close to the fire wall side? What Bank is that one? :?:
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Oh, boy. If you're in California, you may be in for some trouble. I'd been getting marginal smog test passes for a few years, then 2 bad O2 sensors caused a smog test flunk of my 2000 Sonata, then a trip to one of those competent- but-rare State-certified smog gurus.
Turned out that Hyundai had initially installed genetically-weak sensors. So, they'd upgraded the parts and updated the car's computer routine to go with the new parts.
The shop replaced the sensors and sent the computer off to the dealer for reprogramming. Total cost, including 3 smog tests: $600.
After that, with the help of a friend, I ran Hyundai's hair-raising drive cycles, and for the first time, all of the monitors were clean! Passed smog. So, the car runs well and there are no problems. It was a good fix aside from the high cost.
This is just a heads-up. Sounds like you you know you're stuff, so this is a backgrounder. Please don't kill the messenger.
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Richard Steinfeld

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