Flat spot in rev range since new alternator fitted

Last week I had to have a new alternator fitted to my '94 Mazda 323F V6 2.0.
For a few weeks the battery charge warning light had been faintly glowing
intermittently then stay off for a few weeks. Finally it would stay on above
2000rpm. Found it was overcharging after I had gone through two sets of
blown headlamp bulbs in a week.
Since the new alternator was put in I've noticed a flat spot during
As I get to around 4000rpm there's a moment of hesitancy - the acceleration
flattens and then I feel a lurch as it picks up again.
Its very brief but nevertheless noticeable and irritating. The car has never
done it before.
Is it possible the new alternator could cause this?
Or is it a sign of damage to other components caused by the overcharging of
the previous one? Although I didn't have this flat spot while running with
the old alternator.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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