Fast Idle after replacing 929 timing belt

Well after replacing broken timing belt on 1988 929 I thought I was OK. Good compression tests, engine runs. Good power on the road. I thought that I was very lucky not to have any damage.
BUT its now idleing at about 2500 to 3000 RPM even when warm. Any ideas on what could be causing this, what to look for?
Thanks, Bob
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Sounds like the sensor that watches the engine temp. and reports it to the computer control unit is faulty or the wire has come off... Some troubleshooting will be required, but the replacement sensor is cheap and also reasonably easy to access. Start there.
I'm suspicious, since replacing the timing belt likely involved removal of all sorts of sensor wires that were in the way. One got missed, or is now damaged... or the sensor itself has just failed.
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