Good day all. I am back for more of your knowledge. All advice I have received from this site has been of great help to me.
First problem - something to do with the radiator. One day I drove to work
(about 10K) and came out 2 hours later to find a small puddle of coolant under the front of the car (more towards the passenger side). I looked for an obvious leak or perhaps a cracked hose, but to no avail. So I drove to the gas staition and put some more coolant in. It did not leak out. But now, my thermostat in dash is sparadically shooting into the red then dropping down to about 80. There is no hissing or physical signs of overheating, but something is obviously wrong. I checked the drain valves on the bottom of the radiator itself and they were tight. Also something I noticed is that after the drive to work today, the top hose was warm, but the bottom was cool. Almost as if the coolant isn't flowing properly? I don't know.
Second problem - when defrost is on, there is a faint to smoetimes overpowering smell of what I would have to say to be fuel. This car is running very rich, and I don't know how to fix that either. It usually starts OK, but when it doesn't, its a real bitch to finally start - and this is when the smell is the worst. Being that I live in Canada, I need to sort this defrost thing out ASAP as winter is upon us.
Anyone's expertise is appreciated.
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