1982 380 SEL - Any details anyone knows of?

Greetings all -
I was wondering is anyone in this group could tell me where to find
information in a 1982 Mercedes 380 SEL.
I have spent a considerable amount of time searching around for
information and have come up pretty bare. :(
I would really like a pointer to a site that has details.
On the off chance that there are none, I would be interested in answers
to the following:
- Is it a good car?
- Any known issues with the body?
- Any known issues with the engine?
- Any known issues with the transmission?
- Any known issues with the car generally?
- Does it run on Unleaded or Leaded fuel?
- Is availability of spares a problem?
- Would you buy one of these cars in excellent condition with
150,000km on the clock for $12 - $15K Australian? (Good price or bad?)
Any personal opinions of the car would also be most welcome! :)
Thanks for your time and help!
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Nathan Kronert
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Well that would have been not much help. Nathan, in order, 1. Yes this is a good car. 2. Depends on whether its been looked after, been in a bingle, parked by the ocean, etc. 3. Depends on whether its been looked after, driven hard, serviced regularly, etc 4. Depends on whether its been looked after, although my 380 is now developing Transmission kickdown/up problems but then mine has over 240000ks. Due for a recon soon I'd say. 5. You'll probably find minor stuff if you look hard enough, possibly trim issues like worn seat covers and minor paint probs. 6. Hi octane Unleaded. 7. Spare arent a problem. 8. 150,000km on the clock for $12 - $15K Australian, is reasonable if it's immaculate. I have a 1983 380SEL and I love it, it has been looked after both before and since I got it, one of the people in the merc club in your area may be able to assist you with a Loan of a Mercedes CD Manual.
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Mark -
Thanks heaps for the details. :)
I'll see if there are any merc clubs close by and what they might be able to tell me about them :)
Thanks again.
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Nathan Kronert
an 82 380SEL would be one to stay away from in my opinion
if it's in mint condition then maybe ... but a lot of these old w126 S classes are developing problems... the w126 refresh (86+) is a much better model to look for
every pre-86 S class i've driven has had a lot of problems ... gearboxes giving a huge kick on change, engines running rough and burning a ton of oil (lots of smoke), hydo-pneumatic suspension going...
the pre-86 V8 (380 and 500) uses a ton of fuel, have a look for mileage figures, i'm pretty sure the 420 uses less fuel than the old 380
they look nice from a distance, but most of them have been through a considerable amount of owners, and each one has treated the car more poorly than the last
if you can find one with few owners and a service history, then it may be something to go for... 150000k is quite low, i would expect a model of that year to have closer to 300000, so maybe it's been treated well
spares aren't really a problem, and the cars are solidly built so they don't break down often... but if you do need a part, prepare to pay for it... for example, a broken seat spring (there are two under each seat) is $500... if you lose the gearbox or something you'll be up for a *huge* bill
personally, i much prefer the look of the 86+ S-class, with the smooth door panels, updated bumpers and wheels...
i've run an 88 420sel off normal unleaded for ages (when the prices were like $1.10L), but you're supposed to use premium
look for rust around the bottom of the rear windshield, just above the bootlid ... that's pretty much the only spot i've seen rust form...
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