US Innaugural Year Mini Poster/Brochure

Hello, I have a huge fold-out 2002 Mini brochure/poster from the New
York International Auto Show. These were given out at the auto show in
'02 to celebrate the launch of the car in the US. Measures about 13" x
13", full color and folds out into a very cool shot of an electric
blue/white top Mini. Very good condition.
No idea what it's worth. If you want it, let me know. I'll gladly
ship it overseas.
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Not all of us, some of us do care and own classic and love the new MINIs too.
Keep the posts coming.
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Which is fine, but this newsgroup is not about the BMW thing. Never has been. Never will be. It has its own.
What the hell can one expect from a top-poster?
Regards, David Betts The Mini Gallery:
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David Betts
David you are pissing in the wind.
The more I hear from you whiners about this is a Mini only forum the more I will post.
What can you expect for a bleeding wanker bottom poster.
Post the charter or STFU already you pansies.
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any chance to the original poster advertising the picture if I can have it for free, delivery too, looking for cheap ways to heat the house in the winter & if will burn well & give off heat that will be splendid,
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The charter goes like this:
The newsgroup is reserved for those who love, drive, admire, repair, rebuild, customize and compete in Austin, Morris, BMC, BMH, Rover and Innocenti Minis, Mini Coopers, Mini Cooper S's, Mokes, Riley Elfs, Wolseley Hornets, and variants and Mini-based kit cars and specials.
The newsgroup for non-Mini microcars is . Both of these newsgroups and were created by Rocky Frisco as a service to the worldwide motoring community.
A reasonable amount of mild profanity is allowed but not encouraged. No flames or personal attacks will be countenanced. Such will be vigorously reported to the originating ISP.
Many newsgroups are becoming cesspools of disrespect, flamewars and catfights. Those who support and utilize this newsgroup request that all such matters be dealt with in private email rather than clog up the group with offtopic messages and unpleasantness.
While handles are allowed, it is strongly suggested that those who would like to take part in the newsgroup use a valid email address rather than an alias or forged address, since accountability tends to support responsibility and polite conversation, while anonymity does not. The use of a spambotproof address is fine as long as the others in the group can easily figure out the real address.
The use of anonymous remailers to disguise a message's true source will not be condoned in the newsgroup.
Advertising is allowed as long as it is directly Mini-related, whether it originates with an individual with spares for sale or a large corporation with Mini-related products or services. Spamming the newsgroup with multiple ads or even daily repeating identical ads is not allowed, nor are ads that are addressed to multiple newsgroups.
Questions can be directed to:
Happy Mini-ing!!!"
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The Muffin Man

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