2011 Pony Car And Other Vehicle Sales Numbers

Chevy has become the pony car king.
The Chevrolet Camaro is the 2011 pony car king, beating out the Ford
Mustang and Dodge Challenger in total sales. Camaro sales were up 8.2
percent, just under the industry average. Meanwhile, Mustang sales
fell 4.8 percent and Dodge Challenger sales grew 7.1 percent.
If you combined all of the pony cars, the all-new segment, with
198,221 units sold, would be the 18th largest brand in America, a mere
331 vehicles fewer than Lexus.
NoOp Comment: And for years Detroit execs underfunded their pony cars
or thought it was better to change the formula (remember the Ford
Probe?). Dumb asses! Just goes to show when you have a winning/
proven formula, you only improve upon it, you F' it up or abandon it.
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