3rd-Best Handling Car is a Mustang?

According to C&D's latest, Ford's Mustang GT is the 3rd best handling
car in America, for under $40 grand. The Mazda Miata took second
place, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR the tallest podium.
I say that's damn good! Again, we can rebut those 'it's a Mustang/an
American car/has an ancient straight axle, so it doesn't handle for
shit' cracks Now we can counter with: The Mustang GT selected as 1 of
the 6 best handling cars in America, handled better than the
Volkswagen GTI, Mini Cooper (John Works version) and the Nissan 370Z!
And that I say, deserves a round of applause!
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For less than 40K, and no BMW in the test... but since the mustang now hangs with the M3, any BMW that cheap would probably only do better in the subjective areas.
I just read the important parts of the article a few hours ago. Upon reading it I don't know if there is all that much difference between 1st,2nd,and 3rd. It seems pretty subjective between them. Numbers wise the Mustang GT dominated. The only place it wasn't first were specific segments of the track. It was also first(tied) in 'lap time without straights' I guess this was C&D's attempt to remove the influence of raw power.
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