Game Changers: Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S

Folk's I'm going to predict these two cars will alter the future of
affordable, RWD, 2-door coupes. Small dimensions, simplistic,
stylish, _lightweight_, affordably priced, and with decent power,
Team Mustang and Camaro better be paying attention. If they're not,
they will lose the next generation of performance car buyers. (And I
would bet these cars is one of the reasons Team Mustang has decided to
offer the Eco-boost 4 in the next generation.)
Take a look.
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FT-86 or GT-86 200 hp (or 300 hp(?)) weight about 2600 lbs ?
P/W = .077 (or 0.11 for the 300hp)
0 to 60 seconds is then about 7 seconds, (or 4.5 seconds) (unless the computer musses that up)
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I wouldn't have either one. That's just me though. Those cars have to be built, the drifters need them. Drifting. I still don't get it. Not for me either. I wonder if you could drift a front drive car in reverse? Steering could be a little tricky...
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