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Major turmoil over at the Ford camp is causing major changes as I'm
sure you can imagine.
As of now the 5.8L Boss engines are slated for Mustangs but not until
2010 earliest maybe 2011. 6.2s are now relegated to truck only duty.
The new push for the Boss, and most at Ford don't even know about it,
is back to a 5.4 4v using GT/GT500 heads and a new intake. Obviously
this would be the most cost effective route for a Special Edition
that's supposed to come to market in the near future. Evidently
they've made 380hp (not sure if its rear wheel or flywheel) with off
the shelf cams and this motor.
There is still zero chance of a big bore modular 5.0 ending up in the
Boss Special Edition.
Sorry for all the changing info, but it's the price you pay when you
want the most current info vs. waiting.
Greenville, NC
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