Out With The Modular, In With The Boss

Mustang News:
"The Mustang continues to be one of the few bright spots in Ford's
product range, and Dearborn intends to make the most of the reborn
ponycar's popularity."
NoOp Comment: And to think back in the late 80's Ford was going to
kill it by switching it to FWD (the "Probe Mustang").
"The recently announced 325HP Shelby GT will be joined by two more
Mustang variants in 2007 -- an all-new Bullitt will be the best
interpretation up to this time of the iconic 1968 390 GT driven by
Steve McQueen in the movie that still sets enthusiasts' pulses racing
for its real-world chase sequence through the street of San Francisco.
Insiders who have seen styling mockups report the 2007 Bullitt features
a plain grill with the gallopingpony badge or spotlights and a
black-painted panel between the tailights, just like McQueen's '68.
Naturally, the car will be Highland Green."
NoOp Comment: This car is going to sweet looking!!
"More significant, though, will be the new Boss, which will introduce
Ford's all-new 5.0-liter Hurricane V-8."
NoOp Comment: Awesome, simply awesome! I must admit though the
Modular has carried the torch well. Ward's recently declared the 4.6
one of their 10-Best engines.
"Due late in the year, the limited-edition Boss will get a tuned
425HP-435HP version of the Hurricane, a stripped-down interior (though
AC will be available), and less sound deadening. The idea is to
replicate the original Boss Mustang's race-car fell. Only 1000 cars
will be built."
NoOp Comment: Ford you MUST build more than a 1000!!
"Slightly detuned from the Boss spec, the Hurricane will become the
regular GT's engine in 2008, when the Mustang will get a major
NoOp Comment: Hmm... isn't this the same time the new Camaro and
Challenger (with big-inch pushrods) are set to debut? Funny how the
timing of this all coincides, isn't it? Is everyone ready for the
return of the Trans Am [ponycar] racing series?!
"Insiders report every exterior panel is to be changed and updated,
with the base cars getting more aggressive look similar to that of the
Shelby GT500.
NoOp Comment: Holy crap! The base car is going to look this
"The current GT500, meantime, will become even more extreme looking."
NoOp Comment: More extreme... than the Terminators or the GT500?!
(They are some mean looking bastards!) What could be next... an
animated grill/mouth fitted with big fangs?
"An all-new Mustang is due in 2010, a year after the new Camaro and
Challenger launch."
NoOp Comment: This is going to be soooo cool!!
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This whole thing was reading great up until that last sentence. Then the air just went out of the balloon.
Finally back to 5.0 liters standard. It's about freakin' time. Screw next year's Boss that nobody will be able to buy anyway. We can wait for the '08 that will hopefully be tweakable to reach the Boss' specs.
Sounds good to me!
Patrick, stop drooling. ;) These stories are nothing but bait. Wait until some actual product shows up. The interesting thing is the news about the Boss/Hurricane motor. It's a necessity if Ford will be competitive with DC and GM in the next few years.
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I know! The car the hard-core enthusiast would die for and they're only planning on building 1000. C'mon Ford! Build as many as you can sell.
The return of the LX 5.0!!
IMO, the Detroit-3 could really get some great publicity but more importantly respect from younger buyers if they do this.
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I read the bit about the stripped-down Boss, and could almost see your eyes glaze over.
Not only the return of the LX 5.0, but the return of the No Option LX 5.0 (w/ AC delete).
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They also launched a newer 5.0 Boss pushrod engine in the Ford Racing catalog. They are really pushing the Boss name.
As per the post I am also upset about the 1,000 limited production Boss run. With all these specialty cars I guess they are afraid to dilute any one of them. IMO what really made the Mustang was the fact it is an affordable sports car for the masses. They should sell as many as they possibly can and remember the market segment that want these cars.
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Nicholas Anthony
There ya go... for those who want the engine, buy ya a used BOL V6, 2nd mortgage on house and a Discount at the Mustang aftermarket store....
I can understand that. But 20 years from now... if you buy one... will you STILL be upset about that?
I DO think 3,000 would be better.
And damn right! Worst thing they could do is build more than they can sell.
And WHAT does THAT have to do with this issue? Think about what you're saying there.
Helll yeh! Screw the mod, shitcan the V6, make 'em all firebreathin' dragons, like the last of the Camabirds... now THERE was a car line didnt take no market/demographic bullshit into account!!!!!
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Backyard Mechanic
Who knows what it will be worth in 20 years... It's not like most Boss 302's from '69 and '70 were treated as if they'd be worth something.
So build to order. Meet demand exactly.
It has it's own manufacturing challenges, but it's not like it couldn't be done with a little risk of having a few spare engines and suspension parts, which if ford was smart, they would be selling as aftermarket upgrades anyway. Didn't make enough to use up the inventory of special parts? Sell them as upgrades at a goodly profit.
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Brent P
Then that rules out building them at Ford... unless the buyer is willing to wait 3 or 6 months. The lines arent run the same as they were when they built the SVO.
Could have Roush, or Saleen build them.
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Backyard Mechanic
Considering this appears to be one of the few niches Ford has to exploit at the moment, they'll need to figure out how to do it in order to maximize it's profits rather than the dealerships'.
Obviously they understand to get the most out of the Mustang market they know they need to have a variety of Mustangs as everyone doesn't want the same car as everyone else. It's a question of exploiting that to maximum profit. Flexible manufacturing could really help there.
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Brent P
Assuming as you do its meant for a newer car, sigh... These Boss blocks are cheaper then their racing R302 blocks. I personally like the idea of Ford creating a stronger 302 block that is affordable for tuner cars, kit cars, or whatever your heart desires.
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What makes you think this will be affordable to own now? Especially since this is about 10x harder to own then a Shelby GT500? Perhaps the mark up on these cars will be well over $40k? And 20 years from now when anything can be reproduced for far less then ever before, cars perform even better in all aspects, and newer fuel sources that make cars 20 years old obsolete and taxed to get off the road. I dont think cars will be as collectable in the future unless for the mere aspect of art.
Who said anything about building more then they can sell? If there is a huge mark up on specialty cars that means the supply is not meeting the demand! I am saying from present experience if 10k specialty cars are extremely hard to get and marked up, what do you think 1,000 would do? Come on even you can figure this out Krusty. :)
What's your point here? Mine is if they continue to piss off the consumer they wont have any buyers. The Mustang's specialty cars should be embraced by those who made the cars a success in the first place.
Huh? The Camaro Firebird also sold a v6. Part of GM's problem was competing within with the Camaro, Firebird, and Corvette. Their quality was horrible, manual trannies were very limited, and pricing a tad over. Not to mention the cars were produced in Canada not America.
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Nicholas Anthony

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