New Camaro 1LE vs New Mustang LX 5.0

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Makes me wish Ford would counter this with a new LX... dream sequence
Camaro 1LE vs Mustang LX
1LE - Victory Red exterior color, with flat black hood and hash mark
LX - Fully blacked out / all GT badges removed / only a small lone LX
badge on the truck lid / the old size/style 5.0 badges can be added by
the dealer at no cost
1LE - Satin black splitter, rocker panels, rear spoiler and outside
LX - rear spoiler delete / some nondescript aero clean-up
1LE - Sport suspension featuring Magnetic Ride Control
LX - Koni adjustable struts/shocks / "sport" coil springs
1LE - Electric power steering
LX - "re-calibrated" GT power steering
1LE - Six-speed manual close-ratio transmission
LX - ditto (only)
1LE - Lightweight 20x10-inch (front) and 20x11-inch (rear) racing
wheels (satin black)
LX - lightweight "retro" 10-holes, but 19-inch
1LE - Goodyear=AE Eagle F1 Supercar G asymmetrical tires (from the ZL1)
LX - P-Zeros
1LE - Brembo=AE six-piston front calipers, with two-piece front rotors,
and four-piston rear calipers (Chevrolet Official Licensed Product)
LX - Brembos, front & rear
1LE - Dual exhaust outlets with ZL1-style active exhaust and diffuser
LX - cat-back kit w/standard GT mufflers
1LE - Shock tower brace
LX - ditto (from Brembo brake package)
1LE - Chevrolet Accessories red engine cover
LX - Boss 302 Intake manifold
1LE - Black leather interior with Light Stone stitching
LX - "Modified" standard charcoal cloth seats / optional rear-seat-
delete kit
1LE - Graphite Silver door and instrument panel inserts
LX - standard interior with premium gauges
1LE - ZL1 shifter with Light Stone stitching
LX - Hurst Competition Plus w/white shifter ball/black lettering
1LE - ZL1 flat-bottom steering wheel
LX - modified premium wheel
1LE - Chevrolet Accessories pedal kit
LX - premium pedals
1LE -- Looks: AAC LED Fog Lamps, Heritage Grille, RS Embroidered
Headrests, GM Door Sill Plates, GM Premium Floor Mats, Body Color
Engine Cover, 3M Clear Bra.
LX - rubber floor mats w/LX logo
1LE - Performance:Vararam Ram Air Intake
LX - Ford Motorsport ram-air intake, and "performance" tune
=93The Camaro 1LE concept is all about the track,=94 said Al Oppenheiser,
chief engineer for the Camaro. =93It=92s an all-out race car package that
pays tribute to that special option from the past.=94
"The Mustang LX is all about kicking Camaro ass and doing it for less
money," says Patrick NoOption, chief engineer for the Mustang. "Its
about delivering a low-profile, stripped down, plain-Jane, late-night
street prowler. A Mustang only the enthusiast will recognize and the
competition only after they've lost. We wanted best bang-for-buck;
this one delivers in mega-tons."
(Note: 1LE is for real, LX is not. Oh, but we can dream...)
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