Oil price / gas price divide wider than it's ever been

In Canada. $94/barrel and $1.27 a litre. In 2008, it was $140/barrel
and $1.40/L. The station owners aren't making any more than they ever
did. TAXES and LIBERALS are the cause!
Each L of gas carries almost 40% tax. Add that to the $1000 guzzler
tax you pay on a Mustang. Even if you only drive it on weekends in
the summer...
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The cause is the corporatist economic system and monetary policy.
Gasoline is cheap.... in real, constitutional, US$. (defined as a weight of silver). Don't believe me? Check out what a silver US silver dollar with NO COLLECTOR VALUE is worth right now. ah hell a 90% silver quarter.... you'll get a gallon of gasoline and change back.
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Let me just fire up the time machine and go back to 1966 and exchange my Canadian change for silver ones.
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On Thu, 23 Jun 2011 12:37:38 -0700 (PDT), Rich wrote:
It's not as simple as blame it on the price of a barrel, or how much who is making off a gallon, or even how much tax is applied.
The times are a-changin' to borrow from Bob Dylan.
The causes are many and accumulative.
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D E Willson

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