Gasoline price in Canada now about $5.50 per U.S. size gallon

Shades of Europe of a couple years ago. Taxes have increased so
disproportionately on gasoline prices that what cost $1.40/L when oil
was $140.00/barrel in 2008 that now, if oil hits $140/barrel, gasoline
will cost at least $1.70 per litre or $6.80 per U.S. gallon ($7.71 an
Imperial gallon). For a truly horrific comparison, in 1966 (when
people earned about $80/wk salary on average) gasoline was $0.29/
gallon in Canada, which means gasoline is now 20 TIMES as expensive as
back then. Problem is, salaries are not averageing $1600/wk today.
If you drive 25k per year and your car gets 10km/l, your gasoline cost
will be around $3500.00.
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So, you're blaming Harper and his radical right wing Conservatives like you blamed Obama in the USA?
When are you going to hold your anti-free market rally to protest the gouging by the oil industry?
The real pity is that you can't afford to pay for gas because you're too lazy to find a job so you have no money.
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It's not all bad. As shipping costs go up it makes offshoring less attractive and brings more jobs back home. At a certain point it's cheaper to get stuff made at home than China or India.
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Chom Noamsky
=3D=3D Speculators for the most part are driving gasoline and diesel prices upward. As the economy tanks again, the cost will come down just like it did a year or so back.
The oil supply is adequate but it doesn't take much to start the old rush for excessive profits when there is uncertainty in the marketplace. Its all MANIPULATION...I've seen it happen many times in my lifetime. =3D=3D
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