Remember the Import Trolls?

I clipped the following from a website posting. Boy, how times have
changed. Import guys giving "high praise" to a Mustang.
I=92m writing in response to last week=92s column on Honda and Toyota, and
to tell you where you can find a new group of fans. Some of your fans
can be found on the car talk section of
formatting link
, the largest
s2000 forum on the web, and they seem to be with you on the Honda mojo
issue. Honda should take notice when some of the most die-hard Honda
guys agree with you when you say Honda has lost its mojo. When I first
joined the forum 4 years ago, many people would suggest Honda cars
when I forum member would post a question on new car selection. We
would suggest Civic and Accord daily drivers, the original TSX (with 6
speed manual of course) for affordable luxury sedans, and the forum
still had some stalwart fans of the NSX. Not anymore. Many forum
members suggest a Boxster or Cayman when a person asks which car they
should get to replace their S2000. Several forum members expressed
high praise for the new 2011 Mustang. A lot of us traded up to
Corvettes. That=92s right, more than a few of the VTEC addicts of the
world have moved on to American V8s. I don=92t think we wanted it this
way. We wanted Honda to continue to evolve the S2000 and the NSX in
the same way Porsche kept plugging away at the 911 and Chevy kept
refining the Corvette. Keep the basic formula the same, and then keep
on making it better. We would have kept buying them. How many Porsche
owners are on 911 number 4. Instead, both sports cars are gone, and
the only Hondas I would recommend to a friend are the Fit (but I=92d
also tell the friend to test drive a Mazda 2 or Fiesta) and the
The solution for Honda should be obvious. Make the next Civic in both
Sedan and Hatchback. Make an Si and a Type R version that can give a
Mazdaspeed 3 and a WRX a run for the money on a racetrack or autocross
course. Make an S2000 successor that offers the same Porsche level
performance at 2/3rds of the price. Then in a few years, make a spec
racer series for both, get a couple of national autocross
championships, and make a good race engine or two. After that=92s all
done, a reasonably competitive Accord should be second nature. They
don=92t have much time though. I hear Hyundai or Kia may have a roadster
in the pipeline, and the current civic isn=92t getting any younger. In
fact, I bet Hyundai is only one Genesis refresh away from getting real
respectability from enthusiasts. Meanwhile, I continue to keep my
S2000 in good shape while I glance at Autotrader=92s used Boxster
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My push mower has a Honda engine. That's about as far as I go with them.
I was never impressed with the S2000, after reading that you had to launch the thing at 7500rpm to get a good jump.
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