Should i use a higher thermostat?

Hey Everyone,
Now that the full effects of winter are finally upon PA, i'm looking to get
more heat from my 5 liter Ranger. I pulled the 180 degree thoermostat in favor
of a 195, but it's still not throwing much heat. The temperature rarely gets
over 180 when idling, and normally rests just above 170 at highway speeds. It
still runs okay, but would a warmer thermostat help? The entire
heating/cooling system has been recently replaced/upgraded, including the
radiator (brass-copper 4-core), hoses, water pump and heater core. Should i
switch to a 205 thermostat? Or would it be a better option to simply block a
portion of the raditator to restrict airlow until warmer weather comes back?
Don W
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Don Wallish
You can use the Michigan winter trick. Take a pizza bock from your favorite place and wedge it behind the grille. :) ITs easier to do and undo than a T-stat change too.
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Are you certain that your temp gauge is accurate? Where on the block is the temp gauge sending unit installed? I don't think I'd install a stat any higher than 195 personally. Even though your current stat is new, maybe throw in another brand new 195 stat anyway, because there is a possibility that the 195 stat you recently installed is opening too early. It could have been mis-marked, or might be defective, or there could be an obstruction that is keeping it from closing tightly. I usually check stats before I install them by placing them in a pot of water with a good accurate hi-temp thermometer, and then bringing the water up to boiling, then letting it cool, and noting the operation of the stat throughout the temp range. If you want to go nuts, you could even buy a few new 195 stats from different manufacturers and then compare them with the hot water test... they may all open at the same time, but may close at different times. Or, some may start to open later but quicker, where as others open slower and thus start opening earlier, etc. And, if it is super cold out, blocking the grill / radiator should help too.... just don't forget to unblock once it gets warmer out. Sounds like you have a nice big radiator there, which will cause the engine temperature to be very sensitive to stat operation. In theory, if your 195 stat is operating correctly, you should be reaching 195 degrees. Again, check that temp gauge too. 180 degrees should be fine anyway... do you want more heat merely to increase the heater output? Maybe your interior heater system needs to be looked at. Check your ducts... you might have some cold air "leaking" into the interior diluting the hot air coming from the heater core. Or, on some systems, there is a valve on the heater core hose that blocks coolant flow to the heater core... if this valve is stuck partially closed, you may not get maximum heat.
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I would just block off a portion of the radiator. That way when summer arrives you don't have to take the time to swap the thermostat.
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Do you still have a stock style clutch fan? If so, maybe you should look into an electric fan w/ an adjustable thermostat (180-240f). Set the external thermostat for 205, maybe if you're fan wasn't turning the coolant would warm up a little better plus you get more power.
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John Greenhatch
Thanks for all the info, guys. The mechanical Auto Meter gauge sticks into the intake on the LF side of the engine. I've tried three different thermostats, all maked 195. Tonight i blocked aportion of the radiator, i'll see how that responds tomorow.
Thanks again!! Don W
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Don Wallish

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