Sign on for "Progessive Insurance's" Big-Brother ride-along

Yes, all you have to do to get that mythical 30% redux in car
insurance costs is ride with a little Progressive data recorder in
your car. It will measure and report, all aspects of your driving.
P.S.,you won't get any major reduction. P.P.S., they WILL use the
data (and share it) if you deviate from any kind of conformist driving
habits. Read the six or seven "fine print" sections scattered in
their website.
How long (it'll happen in Europe and Canada first) before insurance
companies mandate this?
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Not sure if conformist is the right word. Because there are a lot of things statists demand that people don't conform to, like the 55mph interstate speed limit where it still exists. More like anything that doesn't match the driving ideas of Joan Claybrook and Ralph Nader from the 1970s that don't seem to die even though what isn't just personal preference becomes more idiotic as technology advances.
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I got a 28% reduction by putting it in my 4wd I rarely drive. It only registered hard stops and after 30 days they asked for it back. I still have the discount. Not everything is a conspiracy. i have it in my daily driver as well and am getting a 22% discount on that vehicle. It was in that one 90 days.
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RM V2.0
The daily driver is logging more miles during "bad parts" of the day, ie rush hour. The 4wd only got 6 miles put on it in the 30 days so i guess they figured it wasnt worth monitoring.
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RM V2.0
My son went with Progressive. He was 26 (unmarried) when he bought his first car (Dodge SRT Magnum) so he didn't have any insurance history and going with any other insurance company would have cost him huge. So he's with Progressive and is enjoying reduced rates. They told him he will maintain those rates, but if his tracking device shows he's not an "aggressive" driver they'll come down further. They won't come down because he romps on that 425HP Hemi, but once he establishes an insurance history he'll be able to shop around.
All things considered, I'd say Progressive is a winner.
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