2002 Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air with WS-6 suspension package

2002 Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air with WS-6 suspension package Ok folks, here I am coming to you for some honest opinion on what maaaay be my next car in the collection I seem to have
going. :mrgreen:
Ever since one of my roomates in college a few years ago aquired a 1998 Pontiac Firebird -Tops with the 3800 V6 and then traded that for a 2000 Pontiac Firebird Convertible with the 3800, I have confirmed my love for these cars. I have always thought that the Trans Ams/Formulas and Firehawks with differently tuned versions of the 5.7Litre V8 and 6 speed manual were hot looking cars on the F-body platform even though I know that the platform is old technology. The front ends to me have a certain aggressive look in the rear view mirror and stick out. I love the look of the car.
Loving America Muscle, I have always wanted one of these babies and I was saddened to find out that the GM F-body platform was phased out in production year 2002. Last night, I came across a wonderful opportunity to purchase a Pewter colored GORGEOUS NOT A MARK ON THE CAR 2002 Full Loaded Pontiac Trans Am with Ram Air Induction and the WS-6 performance handling package with T-Tops and 16K miles. It has a 10 speaker Monsoon sound system and 6 speed manual trans. The price is set at $23,800 on the lot. I went over the car from top to bottom and there is not so much as one rock ding in the paint on the front end or anywhere else. I have researched this against what other comparable vehicle in the area are going for and it seems this price is just a little UNDER what others are selling for. Knowing that this is a limited availability and now collectible car, I think that the price is probably in the ballpark no question.
My questions to you all is....and I am just looking for insite.....what do you all think about this car? Now, I DO NOT want to hear from all you guys that "OH MY GOD, I would NEVER TOUCH AN AMERICAN MADE SPORTS CAR, OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING." I am NOT into foreign that much and therefore they won't be in my garage anytime soon. Sorry, that is me and if you like foreign HAVE at it. In addition, people that argue that anti-american car arguement and live here in this country are basically saying that they would rather give their money to some other country than support the US car market. How is the US car division going to ever get better if we don't support it and help it to do so? I am only saying this to the extremist that say they'd NEVER touch an america car. If you just like beamers or whatever, then that is fine, whatever flips your switch. I'm not stupid and I think there are definitly arguements for foreign vs. domestic but nothing foreign excites me right now and foreign is going to cost 10 times more.
Looking at value of money compared to getting a Big American Sports car with a certain level of performance, I think that 24K is not a bad price tag for this ride. I have known numerous people with these cars and they don't seem to have many problems with them. This car in my ownership will be garaged and babied and kept in MINT condition as this is the way I am with all of my cars and furthermore, this is a collecitble car. Do you all think that purchasing something like this would be a no-loss situation whereas I could get back everything I have in it later down the road should I decide to get rid of it? In other words, what are some opinions on purchasing this. I know this cars is a BIG, HEAVY and bulksome American car and they do NOT handle like a Subaru STI or Lancer Evo VIII. I know cars and know the beast I am debating purchasing. I love the big V8 rear wheel drive cars and I just would like to hear what others think. Smart purchase? I need another car like a hole in the head, but hell, I love cars and they are my passion so the hell with it, LOL. This will complete my collection. I will have the Jeep 4x4, the classics, the everyday and the sports cars. Let me know what you think please. :thumbs:
Again, I post on this site all the time in the R/M section. I am NOT in this for BS postings and bashing me for liking America Cars. I do not want to read how horrible it is that I am thinking of buying an American car. I want to hear fact-based thoughts and opinions that can be backed up with REAL information from you guys please. Thanks!! Also if anyone out there owns or has owned one, let me know your experience. Thank you. :hi: http://www.car-forums.cn/s7/t2109.html
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