camber alignment tool

What's an OK but inexpensive (around a hundred bucks or so?)
camber angle alignment tool for home use?
I would assume it requires a mount and a measuring tool of the necessary
accuracy & precision (is that about a tenth of a degree or so?)
The mount would need to fit normal passenger vehicle wheel sizes.
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Thank you for finding that magnetic camber gauge which has a range of plus & minus 6 degrees of camber (plus 20 degree angles for caster derivations).
It looks good but I worry that it says it's only for RWD vehicles. And only for cast iron hubs.
Do you think the make a camber gauge that works for FWD vehicles too? And vehicles with mag wheels which likely fully cover the actual hub?
On the bottom of that same page I see this $45 tool which says it's accurate to 1/8th of a degree between plus and minus 7 degrees camber.
It doesn't say it's only for RWD but it does say it's a magnetic mount. Do you think these magnetic mount gauges can also work with mag wheels?
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