How to disconnect battery

Hi, All:
I need to disconnect negative battery cable. Which tools do I need? Do
I need to use something like Battery Clamp Puller or Battery Clamp
spreader etc?
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depends on the type of battery connection.
Normal post and clamp, you loosen the bolt that goes across the end of the clamp, stck a big screwdriver in to lever it open and pull it off.
The other one you remove a screw from the middle of the connector and pull the cable off.
Get a little battery post brush and clean it before reinstalling.
Make sure the cable cannot touch the other terminal.
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If it is in good condition then removal is obvious and I would assume your not being silly enough to ask. So obviously yours are a top post, encrusted in crud, like most of them out there.
With these what I do is use a couple pair of vice grips to try to undo the bolt, if the bolt snaps then no big deal. Then use a punch and hammer aganst the inside side of the clamp where the bolt goes through, hit it a few times that will help to loosen the clamp. If the clamp is still glued to the post then use a clamp puller.
Once you have the clamp off, soak in water and baking soda, then wire brush it to get all the corrosion off. Usually by working at the bolt with vice grips you can get it out of the clamp then put a new bolt in, but if the clamp is too badly deteriorated then just replace the entire cable.
On reeassembly make sure to use the anticorrosion spray.
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Ted Mittelstaedt
Usually you do not need the pullers/spreaders. Usually a wrench of appropriate size loosens the nut on the clamp. Then, hopefully you can wiggle it loose by hand. If not, a large conventional screwdriver can be stuck in the slot and twisted a little. This usually spreads the clamp enough to wiggle it loose.
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Don Stauffer
On Sat, 16 Jul 2005 18:58:29 GMT, "ed" wrote:
He'll need a short cable if it's a short circuit he's working on. ;->
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