Determining Which Rear Brakes - '88 240

The Haynes manual doesn't seem to match what is on the
ID plates in the car at all. Can someone post exactly how
to determine from the ID plates which rear grakes (Girling
or ATE) our 240 has? I'm not well enough to pull a wheel,
and we want to make sure that the shop we trust to work on
them has the parts in stock. Thanks in advance.
(Swedish Bricks doesn't give this info - they have you look
at the calipers, and the rear ones aren't distictive enough
to tell apart without removing a wheel.)
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Michael Cerkowski
Why? Taking off the wheel is damn easy, as is identifying the caliper once the wheel is off. Then again, I haven't seen much variety in rear calipers on 240s. Not in the US at least. Hell, a visual identification is the only way to surely identify which caliper you have (given that they're both interchangeable).
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Alex Zepeda
It's not that easy when your back is threatening to go out and you have life-threatening health problems. The Haynes manual says that the serial numbers tell which brakes are used, and I was hoping that even though they seem to have gotten the details wrong, that might actually be possible. If I could easily pull a wheel, I'd probably also do the pads myself.
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Michael Cerkowski
It's real easy to tell. In fact I can tell from here. Your calipers are ATE on the rear.
All North American 240s used ATE on the rear starting in 1977, the Girling ones were never adapted for the triangle crash plates that hit the bracket on the caliper when you're rear ended.
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Mike F

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