2000 Rodeo spark plug change

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I have a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo with the 2.2 L, 4-cylinder engine.  It has about
60,000 miles and is starting to run a slight bit rough.  I figured it is
time for the spark plugs to be changed.

I was looking for where the spark plugs were located.  I found something
that looks like a distributor or coil with thick spark plug looking wires
coming out of it.  They went into the top of the engine underneath a black
panel.  I removed the black panel by unscrewing two bolts.  Under the panel
were where the four wires ended.  Each wired looked like it stopped right on
top of the spark plugs.  Each wire also had a 90-degree turn into the boot.
On the boot themselves, there was a handle that I can only describe as
resembling an old soda-pop, aluminum can opener device.  I looked like I was
suppose to life the handle on this device and simply pop the wire off the
plug.  I tried very hard to lift the wires up, but it felt like they were on
the plugs very tight.

After I was unable to lift the boots by hand, I tried to lift them with a
screwdriver.  This caused the little handle to break off.  So then I tried
to life the 90-degree end on one wire with a pair of pliers.  This caused
the 90-degree end to shatter.  The wire seemed to be unharmed.  I then began
to lift the boot with a small screwdriver.  I was unable to fully lift the
boot, but I could see underneath that there was no spark plug.  It looked as
if the wire changed form into another tube which was plastic.  At this
point, I realized that I did not know what I was doing and gave up.  The car
seems to be running fine, so I feel I didn't mess anything up.

I tried to find a Chilton or Hayes repair manual, but the years don't go up
past 1997.  Does anyone have experience changing the plugs for this engine?
If so, can you post how it is done?  Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.


Re: 2000 Rodeo spark plug change
Hi all,

Would like to know if anyone has any experience with this.  Still trying to
do this job.  The Hayes manual is vague on this engine (I found the manual
with the right years).

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Re: 2000 Rodeo spark plug change
Here's some more information.  I looked at it again today.  I was able to
pull the boots up enough to see that there is another tube looking part
attached to the end of the wire underneath the boot.

This is a close-up of the wire boots.  As you can see, I broke the 90 degree
bend (plastic) on the second plug wire:

Here is a backup view of the same situation:

Please let me know if anyone has seen this before.  The new plugs look like
normal plugs out of the box.


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