1984 2.8L V6 questions

hey everyone, I have a 1984 Chevy S-10, 4-wheel drive, 2.8L V6 - before I got it, I think someone that did know what they were doing got ahold
of it - and changed some things that are causing problems now - and trying to get it back and running like it should be.
1. I have no emmision contoll on the truck - it had removed before I got it - do I need the efe heater - and could it cause a rich running condition?
2. The electric choke wire has 12V oni t when it is unhooked from the choke - when I hook it up - it has 0 volts on it - I ran a new wire from a different source, and now has 12V anytime the key is on - is this the way it should work?
3. In my book for the truck, it says I DO NOT have a mechanical vacume advance - but thier is one - where on the carb should the vacume line be hooked to? And does anyone have a good diagram and or pictures of the vacume hose routing?
4. the primary and secondary vacume brakes on the left side of the carb - what are they - and what do they do?
If anyone can help me out here - I would be greatly appreciative - I am sure the vacume hoses are not routed correctly - but just don't know where they are supposed to go.
I am getting very poor gas mileage at this point - but that before the issue with the choke was discovered, so hopefully that will help.
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