94 k2500 4x4 ext cab heat help

I recently purchased this truck. After driving it a bit, a day came i
needed the defrost. Nothing comes out. If you turn it up on high, you
can feel a bit of air, and it really whistles. Same for turning it to
regular heat and also in the vents. I get a good amount of air out the
bottom for the regular heat, but it is still very noisy and whistles as
My question, anyone have any idea of this? How hard is it to pull the
stuff apart to check the duct work for any leaks or breaks? I don't
have a lot of time. Having back surgery on Thursday of this week.
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try checking the blend door. I dont know were it is on that truck so you may want to talk to a dealer or someone that knows a little more than I
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my 92 had the clip and linkage come off on the door look up under and have someone move the controls.
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