99 Chevy Venture Van Squeaking

This is An Older post I made last year:
I have a 1999 Chevy Venture van. It is running great except for this squeaking noise. When you turn and hit a dip it squeaks like a
tricycle with a rusted wheel. It also does this when slowing down or just moving through a bumpy parking lot. It has done this also on a smooth surface just stopping at a red light. The shocks seem fine because the van drives very, very smooth.
I took it o my mechanic and he greased some bushings, and said that should fix it. Well it didn't. Anyone have any idea what it is? I have parked the van, and then stood outside of it, and rocked it side to side, and front to back, and can never hear it. It is coming from the front of the vehicle for sure. What could it be?
Newer post:
Still got the same squeaking noise as described above. I am going F*****G nuts. Finally now you can actually rock the van side to side and hear the noise. My son rocked, I sprayed. Nearly 2 cans of silicone spray on every part I could think of. Still squeaking. I took it back to my mechanic and told him that we could finally make the squeak happen. He heard it finally and was almost 100% positive it was the ball joints. It sounds as if it is coming from the middle of the car. Scheduled the repair.
Took it to him Wednesday. He sat aside many hours to try and please me. He said he took nearly the entire uncarriage apart, checked bushings, sway bar, control arm, shocks, struts, tires, rotors, and even checked ball joints throughly. After getting my van back it's still squeaking. He knew it would be because he said after checking everything he could possibly think of, several things I didn't name cause I cant remember he said he could find nothing and charged me nothing.
Everything was greased fine he said. He is frustrated as well. He said after working on cars as many years as he has he just cannot find out where that damn noise is coming from. It is very irritating. The only thing he could come up with is that the van has possible been wrecked and could be coming from the frame somewhere. We cannot find it.
The squeaking is so aggravating that I always ride with the radio up fairly loud to try and drown out the noise.
Tonight I decided to drive with the radio down and noticed that this squeaking 99% of the time only happens when I am turning *RIGHT* into a parking lot/4way/or any right turns--- and causing the van to rock from left to right. When I turn *LEFT* anywhere also causing the van to rock from left to right it doesn't do it. Could this have something to do with the steering? Squeaks very loud when turning right, but not when turning left.
I mean it is terrible. It sounds as if the van is just an old rusted piece of junk. It's not just no simple little squeak. It doesn't stop until the van has stopped rocking from left to right after making the turn. I just wish someone here could hear it. It is excruciating. Please if you have any ideas or suggestions as to what my mechanic could check let me know. Could it be steering?
I really hope enough people here read this and give me some type of advice cause I am going insane. Other than this squeaking the van drives and handles perfectly. This noise has got to stop or I'll trade the damn thing in. I can't take it anymore.
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