Last night I stopped outside a shop returned to my car 5 minutes later and
it would not start, all electrics came on but the starter motor wouldn't
turn and there were no noises coming from under the bonnet at all, I checked
a few fuses etc but everythign seemed ok so I left the car and got a taxi
home, I returned to the car this morning and it started 1st time, I've been
driving about in the car for about 3 hours and eventually got home, a few
minutes ago I jumped back into it to go to the shops and once again
absolutely nothing is happening when I try to turn the engine over -all
electrics are working, battery power is fine, it's as though something is
stopping the ignition signal getting through to the starter motor, I tried
my spare key and that gicves the same results so I suppose the keys are
fine, could the ECU be knackered?
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It would be unusual for an ECU to have an intermittent fault. Much more likely to be the starter motor or circuit to it. You need someone with the right skills to test when the fault is present.
Perhaps it may be worth asking in
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Chris Whelan
Have you got any large lumps of metal (big keys, metal fobs etc) on the keyring with the ignition key? They could be preventing the PATS signal from getting from the key to the ignition.
Next time this happens try taking the key off the ring and use it just on its own.
Good luck!
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Tony Brett
One other thing - if the ignition lock sees a key in it without getting a PATS signal the ignition will lock out for 30 minutes so although you appear to be having the same problem with the spare key, it might just be that you are trying during the lock-out period.
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Tony Brett
If the PATS system doesn't recognise the key for some reason (either a faulty key, or unprogrammed key), it locks out. It will stay locked out until a working programmed key is used, and the ignition turned on for 2minutes. After the 2 minute period is up, you've got to turn the ignition off before attempting to start the vehicle.
This fault would be apparent by the PATS LED flashing. If the immobilizer is working, when you first turn the ignition on, the PATS LED will light continuously for a couple seconds before going out. It'll then stay off until after the immobilizer is reactivated (aprox. 10 secs after ignition has been turned off).
The PATS system could quite quickly be checked for faults with diagnostic equipment, but in the absense of that, I'd be checking to make sure the starter is working correctly, and is getting all the feeds it should be getting.
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Moray Cuthill has about twice as many posts from Europe compared to US. A lot of the tips there have been cribbed from Usenet...
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Chris Whelan
Hi I had the same problem check the wiring going to the Ecu you.ll find it has burnt through and not making a good connection think it was the blue wire going to Ecu worth a look
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Ha ha! As it's 10 years after her problem it's a bit hopeful that she's still following this thread!
Post a new message explaining your problem (with make/model/year) and you might get some help.
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I have exactly the same problem, the red immobiliser light keeps flashing & wont go out, tried both jets & checked & cleaned fuses, even tried to fuel cut off inside drivers door but was nothing wrong with it, any ideas ?
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