A/C problems 98 tahoe

I have 2 problems with my a/c.. Frist is I have been having intermittent warm to cold with my a/c.. Ive had it evact and recharged and checked for leaks, all is ok. I was told its
probably the temp blend door or motor. I pulled the ashtray area and glovebox found the motor and watched it work. When I turn the dial from hot to cold the little circle does turn completely from one alignment mark to the other and when I set it in the middle it stops on the middle alignment mark. So now Im thinking the motor is good but the gear is stripped, could I be correct? I thought to change the motor since its only 30$ but I cant figure out how to get one of the bolts out that is under a steel bar with a tab tack welded to it. I tried numerous sockets and ujoints but it is a tiny space. Also when I can figure out how to get it out how do you possibly get it back in since you can barely get 1 finger in there much less 2 to get it started?? Any tricks or ideas.
Second problem is that when I keep it in fresh air mode it kicks in and out of recirculate but the dash lights do not light to show its in recirculate mode, If I put it in recirculate(max) it will stay in max and not kick in or out and the lights are lit. Odd thing is that it only happens when you are using the A/C, it doesnt happen when its cool and the heat is on. I thought it may be the hot/cold dial so I set in different positions, still kicks in and out. I then tried with the A/C button on and off and it seemed to stop kicking in and out of recirculate, so I believe it has something to do with the A/C button. Is my only option to buy a new control head?? For 140$ i dont want to just throw parts at it. Can you take the cover off the control head and adjust or clean the copper fingers or switch or is it a sealed unit?
Sorry for such a long post I just wanted to give all info I have come up with. Thanks __________________ Tony V 98 Tahoe Sport z71
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