Cab Corners Question...'95 Silverado Ext. Cab

I was at the barbershop yesterday and barber (who has a truck EXACTLY
like mine) was telling me about how he had his cab corners fixed. He took it
to a bodyshop and they GLUED new cabcorners over the old cab corners with
some sort of adhesive and repainted bottom of cab below trim. The guy said
it was as good as welding it because welding sometimes causes more trouble
than it's worth. LOOKS GREAT and pretty reasonable price but I was wondering
just how long it would last. Has anyone heard of or tried this??? Gotta get
mine done for state inspection this month. Thanks for any advice.
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Panel bonding has been around for a long time. Works very well IF the shop preps the parts properly. It has a few advantages over welding as well. No heat distortion, no need to remove factory sound deadener to prevent a fire, seam will be sealed against moisture. It also is DIY friendly if you pay attention to the details when fitting up the replacement part.
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Steve W.
When I first heard about it many years ago now... I laughed at my friend in the body shop. He bonded two pieces of metal together and put them in the vice and asked me to take it apart. I pulled with no results we used a porta power pulling in opposite directions and finally got it apart... not at the joint but the metal ripped elsewhere. I could not believe how strong it was. Nice thing is no distortion from welding.
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body panel adhesive is the way to go...if done right.....prep. is the key..take your time and do it right, 'cause you can't just drill your spot welds and start over.
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