Electric Air Pump Motor A.I.R. Smog 12555164 is taking up too much room

My year 2000 Chevy Tahoe has a Electric Air Pump Motor to help re-introduce hydrocarbons from the exhaust manifold to the air injection system, to reduce emissions. This is a good thing, and all cars should have one.
I want to add a second battery under the hood, but the air pump is mounted in the secondary battery bay. Argh! Damn those hydrocarbons and their pumps!
As much as I want my automobile to pollute as little as possible, it is very important that I have a secondary battery always changed (via battery isolator) when I am driving in remote, isolated country here in the canyon lands and mesas of northern New Mexico. I have tried to place a secondary battery elsewhere in the automobile, but there is no adequate location.
What would happen to the automobile if I removed the air pump, connected the intake hose to the discharge hose? I assume the air pressure would equalize instead of be positive without the air pump, but I cannot think of any reason why the engine would be affected other than no longer burning a percentage of polluting hydrocarbons.
My other idea is to get two longer hoses, and relocate the air pump.
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On Thu, 08 Oct 2015 14:50:32 -0600, Desertphile wrote:
I was wrong. The air pump pulls in air from under the hood, not from the exhaust manifold.
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A second battery would be nice but if you can't figure a way to do it you could get something like...
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