Plywood Sheet As Bed Liner?

I want *something* back there for when I load/haul abrasive items like cinder blocks so they don't gouge up the metal.
I'm seeing five hundred bucks for spray-in and not *that* much less for drop-in.
I'm not all that wild about drop-ins because they hide corrosion and this vehicle gets it's share of use around salt water and wet sailing gear. .... Seems like just a sheet of plywood could easily be slid out for occasional hosing...
I don't think side protection is much of a consideration in this case.
Is there something about plywood that I am missing?
If not, does anybody have a preference for thickness?
Quarter-inch would be nice from a ease-of-insertion-removal standpoint, but sounds prone to warping. I'm thinking it's probably more like a choice between 3/8" and 1/2".
Other alternatives?
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Horse stall mat. heavy enough to stay put when the beds empty. OR buy a couple of the Raptor Liner kits and roll/spray on your own for less.
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Steve W.
Per Steve W.:
Forty bucks at Tractor Supply
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Seems like a no-brainer to me - gonna get up there in the text few days.
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Per (PeteCresswell):
Got one and it seems like a winner:
- As you observe, heavy enough not to blow away (it took two Tractor Supply employees to get into the bed of my pickup)
- Smooth enough to slide stuff around on, but not slick like paint so stuff tends to stay where it's put.
I figure when it's time to hose out underneath it, I can peel it back so it's laying across one side of the bed - without having to lift the entire weight.
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A friend of mine installed BedRug on his vehicle which he got from 4Wheelonline. Other popular suggestions for bed liners are Line-X and Herculiner. If you're planning on using the bed of your truck, it's better that you don't go cheap. It's just not worth it at all and can destroy the bed's paint
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Over a year later now, and it's still working well. Can be sort of folded/slid to expose the bed for hosing out - but so far almost nothing has accumulated under it.... Another possible benefit: it gets some weight back there, so the vehicle is not quite as squirrely with an otherwise-empty bed.
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