brake booster removal in gen 3

Well this weekend seemed like a good time to put in a new master cylinder in my 96 (non vtec) because the pedal fade was starting to get
worse. The master cylinder box had a small sticker inside saying that if fluid got inside the brake booster its basically shot and needs replaced. Lucky me there was fluid inside and peeling paint on the outside. So I take out the seat to get access to the 4 bolts and pin for the booster. They weren't tight so it wasn't that bad until trying to get it out of the car. After unscrewing the U shaped bracket and pushing the rod back it came clear of the firewall but was still stuck between the strut tower and this edge of the alumium intake. It looked like an edge where the metal was cast. Take a look at
You'll see what I mean when you look at the back of the intake manifold. Its right between the silver master cylinder and red MSD box. It took me all of a few seconds to say fuck this and grab a hacksaw and die grinder. After this modification it finally came out. Now am I dense or was there an easier way?
Now my second part of the story. Its saturday and around 1:30 pm. Ok so I'll try a few junkyards because a new one is probably expensive. For some reason no junkyards seem to be open on weekends. Isn't that when most people work on cars? So I call a bunch of parts stores and nobody seems to carry one. Autozone said they could have one the next day (Sunday). So I order one for $142. Well I drive out the next day and of course its not there. Nobody can really say why it wasn't delivered from the hub so they have to order from the manufacturer and arrive Wednesday. Oh good this is gonna be another week long project.
On Tuesday I'm gonna call some junkyards and hopefully buy one from them. If you made it this far thank you for listening to my rant and wish me luck on this clusterfuck of a project.
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