can a 215/45R17 be used to replace a 225/65-17 tire

My SES light went on yesterday, no noticeable symptoms of anything. Took it to the dealer, they quoted $949 for the transmission control module, and next to nothing to install it. Part not in stock, had them clear the code.
Is this a part I could by much cheaper online and change myself?
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Rack n Pinion seals finally let go after 280K miles and gotta refil res every 6 miles to keep up with the leaking.
Tips/hints/references/links? Rebuilt the 5 spd tranny in my kitchen so I got the know how but never had to pull a rack before.
(Touched a few... never pulled one.)
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in the engine compartment.
Does anyone know where I can find a diagram? I have the Haynes Book for the Maxima but the engine layout is not the same.
Any help or reference would be appreciated.
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. wrote:
Very rare for the PCV valve to need servicing on a nissan.. I can't recall the last "bad" one I've seen.
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Steve T
1991 Nissan Maxima.
I have to replace a plastic shield that's behind the front rotor. It appers to protect the engine compartment form dirt and splashing (my guess).
Anone know what it's called?
thank you.
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The fuel filter is part of the fuel pump assembly and is in the gas tank. It is not a serviced item. When the pump goes you change the assembly. The nice part is it can be accessed be taking out the back seat and the access cover.
The PCV valve is under the intake. Get a light and start looking and you will see it.
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john smith
Front rotor? Do you mean brake rotor?
There are 4 splash guards on the '91. One in each wheel well, behind the tires. And two more under/behind the front bumper. I don't know their exact "names", but a junk yard is likely to have them from another 3rd Gen ('89-'94). Just go there and describe which one you want.
What happened to yours?
Bill G '91 SE Auto 176,330 miles
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Bill G
A few days ago, after unlocking my driver's side door (power locks) and getting out of the car, I pushed the door lock to the locked position, and moved the door to close it, but the door would not catch and would bounce off and stay open. My dad fiddled around with the lock inside the door and instead of fixing the problem, reversed it, so the door it just won't open. He said it could be a bad relay, but I have no clue. Any ideas as to what could be wrong, or suggestions as to what the best possible thing would be to do in this situation?
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Jim Glenn
position, and
Probably a broken door latch, and nothing to do with the power locks. The part is about $75, & it's not impossible to replace it yourself, if you don't try to rush. It's a pain, with visibility and access very limited. If the door is now closed with the panel on , you're probably going to have to get it back off, in order to jiggle the linkage to the latch and hopefully get the door back open. If jiggling the linkage or the latch button on the door doesn't do the trick, you've got a more serious problem, and the door may have to be cut open. But take it to the shop & see if they can handle it before getting too drastic.
The latch is full of plastic, and they do break.
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It could be that they need to be replaced. Nissan has thin rotors from the factory. Get a micrometer and check the thickness yourself and see if they have enough material left to turn them. Now if they have heat/stress cracks you would have to replace them anyway.
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john smith
you need to find another "mechanic" as you call him
I'd ask him why they need to be changed
and have him prove every reason they need replacing
amazing.... and people thing the dealerships rip them off.
I honestly can't remember needing to replace the rotors on 2k max so far.
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I'd agree with this in general terms, but I think 65K out of OEM '00 rotors is damn near a miracle. Most I've seen warped around 25-30K. The rotors and trans solenoid problems were the two achilles heals of the '00.
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Probably will not happen on the current generation Maxima. They want the sedans to stay fwd only with the Infiniti cars having rwd/awd option. Not only the G35 but also the M35.
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Dave Stone
On a 99 Max there is a small line (or lines) that come together and are strapped to a small metal extension directly below where the oil filter meets the mounting. It's a rather inconvenient location because every time you change the filter, dirty oil runs down over the point where the lines join.
Does anybody know what these are, and if they're of any importance or concern? I ask because after 120k miles of oil changes the line is "un-taping" itself and looks pretty icky from all that oil dripped over it. Should I care?
Otherwise, what a car! I was a little disappointed when my rear calipers started dragging at 60k and needed to be replaced, but since then just a rear O2 sensor and that's it (outside of normal wear stuff). Looking forward to 200k on this beast.
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Daryl Krzewinski

Newbie to the group...
I have a 2000 SE with 65,000 miles - could you elaborate on the trans solenoid problem? Is this the TSB regarding the A/T slipping? Mine has yet to exhibit any of the syptoms...yet. What has Nissan's course of action been regarding this issue?
Brad in Atlanta
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