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My '03 rsx type s has been pulling to the right for about a year and a half now. It has had two alignments and new tires and has continued to pull to the right immediately after both. It is most noticable at freeway speeds. If I let go of the steering wheel I will be completely in the next lane in about 3 seconds. The problem seems to be getting worse over the last year, pulling harder over time. Anyone have ideas?
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Honda has a TSB on this: 06-068. It's a very involved procedure, but the basics are, well, basic. I can email if you like.
You start with the alignment, then inspect the tires.
If the alignment is OK, you swap the tires LEFT to RIGHT (even if directional, but can't do this with directionals on a wet day!). If the pull moves to the other side, one of the tires is bad.
Sometimes the steering wheel is off center (due to impact or other reason), and people interpret this as "pulling" when they try to hold the wheel straight.
Sometimes people mistake road-crown-following for pull. Find an Interstate somewhere which has a grass median in the middle, or another road with a readily identifiable crown. Once at a steady speed on a perfectly straight stretch, drive in the far right lane. Release the steering wheel and note the pull. Move to the far left lane. Do the same thing. If the car pulls towards the closest shoulder with essentially the same urgency either way, then there is no pull, just road-crown-following. If it pulls harder on one side than the other, then the suspension is still not aligned properly, or the tires need to be inspected.
It pays to be methodical here. Your garage may not be being as methodical as it needs to be.
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