Re: "JFK"

Do you know what an Audi is?
Have you grasped the concept of this "horseless carriage" thing?
Can you find your arse with both hands (with or without written instructions)?
Can you conceive of a world where "foreign" means "non-US"?
Can you conceive of an "Internet" that exists outside of a town called "Eugene"(!) (or, dare I say it, the Eastern Seaboard of the US)?
If you can make at least two of these entrance criteria for what's known as "Homo Sapiens", then please respond.
If not then, if you are a) a believer in Evolution, then do the honest thing and euthanase (spare politicians welcome - you know it makes sense), or
b) a Creationist then please accelerate your trip to meet your maker.
From observational experience, I'd guess that extoling the virtues of a Japanese car - while being ignorant of both your arguments and commonly-accepted spelling - would be a good place to start ;o)
If that seems too complex, then please find something a) tall, and b) sharp. Place b) at the bottom of a), then jump off of the top of a); taking care to pick the right side of the building/ego so as to land on b).
(Apologies to anyone annoyed by the stark Evolutionist/Creationist argument; I'll sort it out with the Buddhists next time around - the rest, please form an orderly queue, and I'll talk with the survivors ;o)

Hairy One Kenobi (unaffiliated to any political parties, whether live, dead,
or narrow-minded USAian ;o)
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Oh I don't know. I thought the contents of this webpage interesting although it certainly is off-topic.

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