Startup will make your Audi A4 self-driving for $10k

Audi is on the cusp on Self Driving becoming affordable.
From AB
Elevator Pitch:
Cruise is the first highway autopilot for your car. It uses cameras
and radar to keep your car in its lane and a safe distance from the
car in front of you.
Join the driverless revolution
We're building a safer and more efficient world.
Company Facts:
Ï Official name is Cruise Automation, Inc. (referred to as just
Ï Founded in November 2013 by Kyle Vogt
Ï Approximately 8 employees, mostly engineers from MIT
Ï Headquarters in San Francisco
Product Info:
Ï Product name is the Cruise RP­1
Ï Installed on existing vehicles at our facility in San
Ï Supports 2012 or newer Audi A4 or S4 vehicles
Ï Initial production run of 50 units, taking reservations after
the first 50
Ï Starting presales on Monday June 23rd
Ï Installs are scheduled to begin in early 2015
Ï Price is $10,000 including installation
What does it do?
Simply drive onto an approved highway, move into a lane, and hit the
Cruise button. The Cruise RP­1 will take control of your steering,
braking, and acceleration to keep you in your lane and a safe distance
from the car in front of you. It will automatically slow down for
traffic, even to a complete stop if needed, and will accelerate once
the traffic clears.
While the Cruise RP­1 is an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS),
it does not take the place of a human driver. The driver of the
vehicle is still responsible for actively monitoring the road, obeying
all traffic laws, and being ready to take over if needed.
How does it work?
The Cruise RP­1 has three components:
1. Sensor pod ­ A small pod is mounted to the roof of your vehicle
near the windshield. It
contains cameras, radar, and other sensors that are used by a computer
to understand what's happening around your vehicle.
2. Computer ­ A computation is mounted in your trunk. It runs off of
your cars electrical system and uses less than one cubic foot of trunk
3. Actuators ­ The Cruise RP­1 uses actuators tucked away in the
driver's side footwell to control your steering, braking, and
acceleration. They're completely hidden from view and don't get in the
way when not in use.
Is it safe?
Cruise is continuously conducting safety testing with trained
operators. By the time the product is ready for customer use, it will
have gone the same kinds of road testing and independent third party
testing that most automotive companies use for their new products.
While this isn't required by law, we are leveraging the decades of
best practices from the automotive world to ensure the safety of our
customers and other drivers on the road.
Highway accidents kill 33,000 Americans every year, and 90% of these
accidents are caused by human error. Since technology to improve
highway safety is possible today, we feel it's our responsibility to
bring it to market quickly to avoid these unnecessary deaths.

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