1987 325is turbocharger kit - just a bit of help needed

Hi there,
I have hesitated to post here, as usually I am able to find some kind of instruction guide somewhere via google, but I am seriously stumped and un
able to find the info I really need.
Some quick history: i have a 87 325is e30 m20 2.5liter with conforti TMS chip. all other upgrades have been replaced with turbo componants (headers, etc etc)
I ordered a SPA Turbo bmw 325 turbo kit not realizing it was for 95-99 year 325i's (e36) . rather then returning it, I chose to modify to make it all fit and stuff. The manifold was converted easily however now because the only way to fit the "log" style manifold made for an e36 was to flip it over so that instead of the turbo being mounted on the underside of the manifold at the back of the engine (closest to front window) it is mounted on the top of the manifold at the front with the compressor at the front and the blower behind it ..so my first question.
Q: is it ok that the compressor and blower have traded positions?
Now the reason why i need all this help is cause my kit (spa turbo) came with no instructions.
so i am just winging it. and for my next dilema that is completely stopping completion, is that;
A) I have no idea where all the hoses go, i don't know which are supposed to be hooked up to vacuum before throttle, after throttle, etc etc So what would i need to connect to where ?
there is one vacuum on the BOV, there is one for stock FPR, and one for the new AFPR and also there are connectors on a couple pipes for the intercooler piping. what are they for:?? ALSO there are 3 holes on my wastegate, the larger one on the bottom of the wastegate i assume is for the boost guage, but what about the other 2? one smaller on bottom and one large on side.
AFPR...do i hook that up to my stock FPR? it also has vacuum line...it will goto same spot as stock FPR for vacuum ?
ok so with that out of the way, next i really could use some help figureing out which tube piece goes where in order where should the BOV tube be placed..etc etc anyones 2 cents are welcome
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As one that used to fit /build turbo cars for Toyota in the UK perhaps I can help but never did a BMW I do have some basic knowledge.
Trading places - no problem but be careful that the oil feed and drain connections are in a vertical plain - oil drain at the bottom!
Oil drain to sump MUST be above normal full oil level and unrestricted at all times - sump oil must NEVER reach the drain connection. An oil cooler in the circuit is desirable but not a necessity.
Fuel supply should be increased when under boost and I suggest that no more than 5psi unless you have lowered the compression ratio. 7psi in theory = 50% more power but in reality about 30% taking into account the heat generated in the compressed air. An inter cooler might be nice if you could plumb it in.
EGRs work on vacuum and vacuum is only developed when not on boost so stock connection points should be OK for the vacuum tubes.
The throttle venturi develops a differential in pressure so all connections should follow stock as far as possible and check valves might be needed on some (doubtful) but maybe a touch of super-glue on the rubber hose ends to stop the pressure blowing them off.
Turbo waste gate should be actuated by manifold pressure.
There are a great number of books about and one UK publication which I had some input to is "Alan Allard's" Turbocharging and supercharging - circa 1985 so might be out of print but he might sell you a copy - look him up on Google and mention my name - won't get it any cheaper but it looks nice on the bookshelf.
Petersen Publishing did a few turbo books too...............
My library is a bit old now but if you want to talk off list please feel free to.

Sir Hugh of Bognor
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