Dunno if you guys have seen the front page of the Corporate Infotainment Paper with all their Corporate Bullshit they spew out.
Well, the Government is saying that low gas prices are guaranteed for the next two years ... WHY ???
Well the economy is so bad ... they say.
Good economy --- high gas prices they say.
So they are predicting that our Depression is going on for the next two years.
yeah ... that is the story they are making up.
The Back Story ... is that Bush did an Enron with Bear Sterns good name, and a year ago .. when gas was $5 a gallon and oil was $140 a barrel on futures ...
yes ... read that again ... on FUTURES.
Our future you are living now.
Our future for the next two years.
All that oil is already purchased, contracts made, and the BAILOUT ... is you paying for it at $140 a barrel ... and you have paid for it with the Bailout.
That is what AIG insured ... also the mess with derivatives and subprime houses which is a very small part of the trillions paid out already.
Geitner says he needs 2 - 3 Trillion more in the future.
To pay for what Chenny and Bush did to fox you out the door.
Obama as a Senator ... voted for it as well.
Sooooo ...
You want to see who is foxing you Mr and Mrs America ..
it is on Tee Vee ... 24 hour rotation.
Mad Money ... Mad Money ... Mad Money.
Drink your koolaid.
sumbuddie wear blind sea
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