Easy fix for sticky door lock?

Hello all...
'03 S-10, extended cab, V6, 2WD...just in case it matters. I have power
locks and windows.
Driver's side lock is sticky, especially in the cold. The lock is not frozen
temperature-wise. Neither the key or the keyless entry function will pop the
lock open, though the keyless entry may eventually do so with a number of
repeated pulses. I can open the passenger's side door just fine, climb
across the seat and pop the lock with only a little more resistance on the
interior lock handle than I usually notice.
The dealership has piddled around with it. It has never done this little
trick for them, but they did replace a few lock parts under warranty. This
helped some, but hasn't solved the problem?
Anybody have any ideas, thoughts, etc...? All are much appreciated!
William The Problem Stricken (!)
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William R. Walsh
Sounds like an assembler at the factory was in a bad mood that day!
usually a little excess bend in the rod will cause the resistance that you mention, and cause the actuator and the key to not cycle the lock to the open point.
Most likely they'll have to give it to a few techs, untill one determines the problem.
Plus, the added pressure of the insulator and the netting over the rod. Behind the door panel help cause some resistance.
I hope this helps.
Refinish King
"William R. Walsh"
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Refinish King
"William R. Walsh"
=================== Try spraying your favorite lube in the latch liberally. You just might get lucky. :)
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Scott M
"William R. Walsh"
1. Insert tube of silicon-based spray lube into keyhole 2. Blast liberally 3. Wipe up excess
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I agree... it's not much of a problem to pop off the door panel and check out what's going on. I'd give that a try and see what's happening.
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Marc Westerlind

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