Intermediate shaft on late model GMC

A couple months ago, my '03 GMC Sportside (reg. cab 1/2 ton)
developed a creak during sharp steering. At that time, the truck
had only about 10K miles.
The dealership identified this as an "intermediate shaft" issue &
applied a little custom-fit grease kit. The mechanic said it was
pretty common on late model Chevy/GMC pickups & showed me a
decent-size box full of used lube kits (which looked sorta like
The creaking went away, but after 3 weeks of wet weather it seems
to be coming back. I've only put about 5K miles on it since the
(1) Is this problem as common as the mechanic suggested?
(2) Should I *demand* they replace rather than lube? Or is the
part design flawed (i.e. is a new shaft would be equally likely
to go creaky)?
(3) Should I learn how to apply the lube kit as insurance for
when the warranty expires? Are the kits available except at
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Joe Cliburn
The "creak" is interesting to me, because my '99. GMC didn't have the problem.
So... Is it difficult to apply the lube kit? Are any special tools required (other than the kit itself)?
I wonder if/when an aftermarket manufacturer will design an un-flawed shaft or if the problem is a consequence of the "crooked" steering wheel in the late models...
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Joe Cliburn

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