Transfer Output Shaft Leak Question

Our 1992 4X4 2500 has a leaky seal on the transfer output shaft
(according to the dealer). We're currently in Seattle but are heading
back to Detroit (where I can get the work done cheaper) pulling a small
5th wheel trailer. It's a very slow leak, maybe 2 or 3 drops in 24
hours. My question is will it hold until we can get back to Detroit or
should we have the work done here in expensive Seattle? Any ideas how
much it should cost to get the work done? Thanks for any advise you can
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With out knowing why its leaking, its hard to say. If its just old age, then probably yes. If its because a bearing is starting to go, or the vehicle has been raised and the angle of the drive shaft is too steep, the answer is no. Bad U-Joints, or out of balanced drive shaft can cause premature seal failure, but you should have vibration. Given the age I would lean to the first, just a seal that got tired. But an output shaft seal shouldn't be that rough to change if we are talking the same thing, the seal on the transfer case where the drive shaft connects to the transfer case. Don't let a hack work on it (they do dumb things like use air impact guns to tighten the yolk/flange nut, instead of a torque wrench) If its old age, a new seal, and probably a new yolk/flange, the surface where the seal rides is probably grooved.
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