1997 Plymount Erratic Door Locks, Harness--Chilton

Well, the Plymouth dealer tried repairing the locks (See my post above). They ran diagnostics. I'm not sure what turned up, but they did replace some switch in the driver's side door. They supposedly turned off some computer mechanism that would disable them, and tried a sequence of moves with the ignition switch that would disable them. Zippo. Still the interior door locks turn off and on randomly.
Today they were firing away intermittently as I drove around town. When I got back, and then went out about 2 hours later, they were pretty calm.
Thanks to our local small town library I can looks at Chilton manuals for the electrical diagrams for the lock components. Junction block pages, left/right door arm/disarm switch, and others. Probably 25 diagrams.
As from above, this all got started with rodents getting into the engine compartment. They fixed all other electrical damage successfully.
It doesn't look to me working one's way through the 25 devices is going to be fruitful. Possibly they can check all easily with their diagnostic devices.
It seems more likely damage was done to a wire in the harness. I don't see a diagram for one. in the many categories in the Chilton DB.
Any comments on this?
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W. eWatson
This probably has nothing to do with it but here goes... The '92 Dynasty we had did something similar when we first bought it. Traveling down the road the locks would repeatedly randomly lock themselves. In our case it was caused by the PO cutting all of the wires to the radio when they installed an aftermarket head unit and I think the display illumination or ACC wire was randomly backfeeding the IOD wire (or something similar) and was making the BCM wig out. Once I corrected the wiring and replaced the blown IOD fuse the locks operated normally and only auto-locked once at the proper speed threshold
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Daniel who wants to know
Something likely got clipped in my case too. I found a pic of the engine compartment that showed a harness wrapped in black. Tomorrow in the daylight and with a strong light I'm going to inspect that whole area for a puncture.
I have a UV light, and I think I'm going to look around for urine tonight near the harness.
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W. eWatson

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