86 Chrysler 5th avenue. AC Update to R134 fitting.

When someone updated my AC to R134, the replacement fitting is too close to the bracket that connects the hose to the compressor. It will not allow the quick connector from the guages to be used.
Will I be able to remove the fitting and reattach using an extender?
Thanks Bob AZ
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Bob AZ
It was my understanding that if you did it "by the book" those retro-fittings were glued into place. Not sure if they are removable but I assume the rule calling for the glue was intended to make them non-removable. You might be able to get a right angle adaptor from an AC supply shop that will fit where the gauge hose won't.
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Ashton Crusher
"> It was my understanding that if you did it "by the book" those
Been looking at things and talking to some who have meaningful input.
I have purchased a 90 degree fitting that should do OK. But need to remove the low side hose and flange to get it in. So will be doing new hose assemblies, $120.00, new Receiver Drier. Actually the hose assemblies, two each, consist of complete plumbing assemblies that are compliant with R134A.
I put a wrench on the offending fitting and it was just over hand tight. Thus the low R134A level. Need to gather a few more items and will take a day to gew things up to normal.
Thankfully we are having a cool winter and spring. Last cold spell coming next week. Then April will be here and the AC will be working and ready for summer.
Thanks for the response. Bob AZ
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Bob AZ

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