ATF+4 okay for TF 727s?

I would suggest checking in the transmission section. I believe that ATF+4 is more expensive than Dexron II, so Dexron may be a better choice for your older mopar.
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Since ATF+4 is thin and synthetic, wouldn't it ruin and old TorqueFlite? Cause slippage, etc? Would not use it in a '64 Dodge Dart!
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The way I understand it, ATF+4 is a semi synthetic ATF that is backwards compatible with any and all Chrysler transmissions.
Viscosity wise, I think all ATFs are about the same. The key advantage with ATF+4 is the high heat handling capabilities. You could visit the Valvoline web site and send an email asking for advice on which ATF they recommend. Keep in mind that today's Dexron II and Dexron III are also semi synthetic fluids.
The old A727 and A904s could probably live well with Dexron, or ATF+4.
Good Luck, Bill
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