Repairing cracks in front plastic facia - will fiberglass resin "stick" ?

While I have the front facia off my '00 300m, I figure it's a good time to fix some cracks on the lower edge.
I could rivit small pieces of sheet metal to bridge the cracks, but I'm wondering if fiberglass resin would "stick" or bond to this facia? Maybe if I roughened (sanded) it a little?
What is the facia made of? ABS plastic?
As far as the appearance of the front of the facia goes, I'd actually like to remove all the lights and trim and give the front a good spray-paint job to get it looking new. Have never painted pastic before - how well does that turn out? Does it give a durable finish?
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MoPar Man
3M makes a number of products to replair these parts. Just take a look at their stuff and choose what is best for the material used on your car and the damage that needs to be repaired.
On a bumper cover that was replaced I bridged a tear using a piece of Al and rivets and then filled it with 3M filler. It worked, but the cover has never been used on a car after being repaired. It's a 'just in case' spare. Ideally I would have used the 3M material for tears to do the structural part, but for something I keep around in case I need it some day I didn't see the point of using anything I didn't already have on hand. Just wanted to keep the tear from getting worse.
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Common resin won't bond to the SMC used. You can buy the proper materials from most body supply places. Or you can plastic weld it back together. I have done both. The chemical ways are a bit more expensive but don't require as much practice, They also allow you to "glue" pieces into other places.
Painting isn't hard. If the only item you are painting is the plastic just have a paint shop make you up a 1/2 pint of color with flex additive. Then spray away.
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Steve W.
If it's a thermoplastic, Harbor Freight sells an inexpensive "welding" kit. I haven't tried it, but it seems like it might work.
I do like the idea of reinforcing with aluminum, but I'm concerned about finding a suitable adhesive. Might want to ask at your local auto body supply, if you have one.
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Nate Nagel
I have the HF plastic welder. Works as well as the high dollar one I have, but takes a bit of practice.
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Steve W.

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