'00 300m -> What type of oil-like fluid could be leaking from under front plastic facia?

For over a year now I've been seeing small spots on my garage floor where some sort of fluid is leaking from my year-2000 Chrysler 300m. Something that's either part of the radiator or near the rad, some line or connection is leaking and dripping down to the lower edge of the front plastic facia and then from there is dripping down to the floor.
It's an oil of some type - not coolant.
I'd have to take the front facia off to see what's leaking, and it seems that to do that I'd be breaking some plastic fasteners to get it off.
But I'd like to know what sort of line or connection, containing which fluid, could be responsible and is located in that area.
I don't seem to be losing any engine oil, I did add maybe a shot-glass worth of power steering fluid about a month ago (first time I've really ever checked the PS reservoir on this car). The fluid is not red - so it can't be transmission fluid. Don't know if it could be differential fluid.
Any ideas?
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MoPar Man
You probably just answered your own query. The power steering cooler is located up behind the fascia and you likely have some seepage from a weak clamp or possibly the cooler has a rusted area.
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Steve W.
========================================================================== 2001 PT Cruiser, tan to dark yellow slight drip on floor of garage, in varying places. Took the PT in to a PRIVATE MECHANIC (no dealer nearby) for the 100,000 mile maintenance. He suspected and spotted a slight water pump leak. I asked about the radiator, he said the leak was probably tracking to the lowest point....radiator fine and tight.
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