01 dodge caravan electrical issue

So I have a nice dodge caravan that I don't want to give up on, I recently
replaced a headlight pigtale and the FCM? Right beside the battery.fixed the
head light 3 weeks ago.. so I took a big trip and stopped at my mom's on the way
home for a break from the drive all was fine when I pulled in, when I went to
leave I started the van and pressed the brake to put it in gear and the horn
honked ever time I pressed the brake. So I said what ever I'll pull the
relay....ha so I did...and I put it back in the next day thinking it will act
up...nope... But both my windshield squirters will not work. I tested the fuse
and tested for voltage at the motors neither are getting poaer, where should I
look next? That only other problems the van has is where. You first start it up
and press the brake to put it in gear the speedo and rpm gage go crazy till you
hit 6-7 kms then all is normal. Any help is appreciated as this is my main
vechial for all the kiddos
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