1988 Dodge B350 Project: Awesome

Hello from Norway!
My friends and I recently bought a Dodge RAM 350 LE to restore for our senior year at our school. Itís a tradition to get either a car, van
or a bus ďpimpedĒ for the last period of the last year at school here in Norway, so we want to make our van look cool. Here are some pictures and problems: (click to enlarge)
http://www.yaxtreme.net/van/stort/2.JPG ]
http://www.yaxtreme.net/van/stort/1.JPG ) The van is a 1988, but hasnít gone very long. Itís therefore in pretty good technical condition. The only thing needed for the driving is a couple of cross for the axle/shaft. Itís not a hurry, but it may be critical if it getís looser. Then the van could shake brutally in high speed. The air condition doesnít work either, but thatís not a big problem.
http://www.yaxtreme.net/van/stort/5.JPG ]
http://www.yaxtreme.net/van/stort/4.JPG ) The van is 18,60 feet long and 6,56 feet wide. We are planning to paint it and make our artistic mark on it. We donít know yet what will be the motive, but it sure canít look like this.
http://www.yaxtreme.net/van/stort/7.JPG ]
http://www.yaxtreme.net/van/stort/6.JPG ) As you might see one of the tail lights is broken. Well actually, itís gone. We spoke to our retailer here in Norway, but he couldnít help us. He said we either had to get one from a junkyard, or try to get it shipped from the USA.
http://www.yaxtreme.net/van/stort/9.JPG ) The roof is in pretty bad condition. Itís not only ugly and worn; itís also full of dents and itís very uneven. We donít know if itís possible to just straighten it out, but we agree we have to do something about it. A thought of replacing the roof with Plexiglas got out, and weíre now looking into the price, - and of course if itís possible. We will have to see if the beam over the windows is a good point for attaching crossbeams to hold up the glass. Hereís a picture of how it would be (badly photoshopíd):
http://www.yaxtreme.net/van/stort/10.jpg )
To summarize: -    Where can we get 2 crosses for the link between the axle/shaft? -    How easy is it to repair a broken air condition? Will a refill of Freon do the trick? -    Where can we get a new (or two new) tail light(s) for the van? -    Is it realistic to replace the roof with Plexiglas? Is it possible to attach crossbeams to the chassis?
Thanks for any help! H
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